Burg Altena, Germany

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Object illumination/ Objektbeleuchtung

We have developed appropriate integrated and discrete systems to match the various applications, such as display case lighting, object or underwater lighting.
The angle of light emission from an unlensed fiber-optic tip is 60?. For directional lighting spot lamp fittings are used, which allow adjustment and focussing of the light beam. The light fittings, which are made completely of glass and metal, can be supplied as fixed or adjustable variants. Custom fittings on request.

Die Anwendungsgebiete der Lichtfasertechnik sind vielfaeltig:

Objektbeleuchtung (Vitrinen-, Bilderbeleuchtung)
Effektbeleuchtung (Sternenhimmel, seitenleuchtende Markierungslinien)
Nassbereich (Unterwasser-, Dusch-, Sauna-, Brunnenbeleuchtung)
Integrierte Beleuchtung (Handlaeufe, Moebelstuecke)
More Information: http://www.glasbau-hahn.de/english/vitrinen/Lichtfasertechnik/Lichtfasertechnik_en.php

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