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Paintings by Yang Feiyun

Lotus Screen 1995
Lotus Screen 1995

The University Museum and Art Gallery is pleased to present paintings and sketches by the Chinese artist Yang Feiyun. Recognized as one of the foremost classical oil painters of his generation in China, this will be Yang’s first one-man exhibition in Hong Kong.

The works of Yang Feiyun can be characterised by the artist’s detailed and straightforward approach to his subjects. His most powerful works are portraits, often of people with whom the artist has a close relationship, none closer than that with his wife, Peng Peng, who is his principle muse and protagonist. In oils she can be transformed into a character in a story captured for a moment on the canvas achieving a sense of ease and intimacy. All of Yang’s characters reveal great psychological depth, yet Yang often challenges our expectations by painting them in ambiguous or incongruous surroundings.

Yang Feiyun was born in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and began his artistic career as an art clerk in the Culture Palace of the Railway Bureau in Hohhot. In the 1970s he was accepted into the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing where he has been a professor in the department of oil painting for over twenty years. Yang has won many awards and honours, and participated in many exhibitions including the groundbreaking show of nudes at the China National Art Gallery in Beijing in 1988. Yang Feiyun believes that painting is the most direct art form, and has remained committed to developing his skills beyond the constraints of the European and Russian traditions that they are inspired by. This exhibition is a good opportunity to view the work of one of China’s leading painters in the classical tradition.

The exhibition is co-organised by the Chinese Artists’ Association and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

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