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Landschaft ohne Horizont - Landscape without Horizon

Landscape photography is highly topical. That said, our perception of a landscape is as a rule highly influenced by the line of the horizon.
In the international discourse on contemporary landscape photography, this exhibition focuses for the first time on artistic positions which, in their specific views of the landscape, eliminate or override the horizon as a demarcation line between the sky and the earth.
The works of the 15 international contemporary photographers featured in the exhibition from Boris Becker, Natalie Czech, Miklos Gal and Zhao Liang to Walter Niedermayr and Thomas Struth - are not characterised by their view of the landscape in its totality, but by their highly different microscopic and macroscopic ways of seeing.
These specific eliminations of the horizon - it normally enables people to get their bearings in the world and puts them at the centre of the world - reveals rare landscape which are simultaneously familiar and yet highly unusual and bewildering.

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