Beuys: Energy plan – drawings from the Museum Schloss Moyland

The early work of Joseph Beuys is characterised by a comprehensive collection of drawings which the artist himself treasured as the basis for his overall artistic achievements.
The Museum Schloss Moyland, which contains the world’s largest collection of works by Joseph Beuys, will be showing a selection of around 200 works from his drawing experiments. Joseph Beuys’ highly significant “energy plan” philosophy will be vividly brought to life for the first time in exemplary thematic sections. At the same time the exhibition will reveal the outstanding importance of Joseph Beuys as one of the most important graphic draughtsmen of the 20th century.
Beuys had a very broad understanding of “energy“. Alongside his thoughts on the concept of physical energy it comprised considerations on intellectual and spiritual energy, and the energy inherent in both people and nature. This “energy plan”, as Beuys named it, forms the backbone of his whole artistic work.

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