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Your Smile(s) Wanted in Samarkand

Smiles from around the world
Smiles from around the world

Hi, there! If you have yet forgotten how to smile, then smile (why not?) and ship this smile (or even smiles) for our international exhibition titled "The World Smiles". You can also invite your relatives, friends, colleagues, partners, neighbours, pets and all living creatures on Earth (and beyond) to smile along with us.

Itís not just for fun, but an educational and inspirational programme, one more means of goodwill communication and peacemaking. Participating in our most serious transnational smile-project, you'll also get a chance to introduce yourself, find new pals and to say/ wish whatever you want to the people who will come to see the exhibition. Envisioned is an International Hall of Smiles at the museum.

So, please take and dispatch your smile(s) to us in any form you're able (photographs, paintings, drawings, caricatures, prints, computer graphics, engravings, quotations, poems, jokes etc). Age of the participants and quantity/ size of your entries are UNLIMITED.

START SMILING... come on, today, right now!

Please ship your submissions to:

International Museum of Peace and Solidarity
P.O. Box 76, UZ-140100 Samarkand
Republic of Uzbekistan


Reprinting and translation permitted and requested. Please inform friends
and colleagues. Thank you.

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