IRL-Dublin 2, Ireland

10 St. Stephens Green

IRL-Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone +353-1-670 80 55

Holder Josephine Kelliher, Cate Kelliher, Iseult Dunne Gallery Owner/Director
Contact Person Josephine Kelliher, Cate Kelliher, Iseult Dunne, Helen Carroll; Press Liaison

Detailed Information about us (overview)

Rubicon Gallery exhibition space at 10 Saint Stephens Green Dublin was initiated in 1995.

The gallery's core objective is to enable contemporary Irish and International artists to realise and optimise projects in all media through/in the gallery venue or elsewhere.

Rubicon Gallery annually presents ten exhibitions in Dublin, solo-projects in the main with some curated events and produces 4-6 publications.

The Gallery participates in International Art Fairs, commissioning new works and introducing Irish artists in Europe & the Rest of World.

Rubicon Gallery began with the dual idea of introducing new artists to established collectors and encouraging individuals to start a collection by offering affordable pieces. Flix is intended to help us achieve these aims.

Cleverly constructed cabinets contain portfolios of drawings, artists books, paintings, prints and photographs. Each portfolio is a unique experience, containing a number of pieces by an individual artist and their biography. It is, in essence, the mysterious gallery back room moved to centre stage.

Flix is not a privilege offered to a select audience. You are invited to come in and browse. Consult the list of artists on our website, or in the Gallery, or delve into the portfolios at random. It is a pleasure to touch the art, albeit through the obligatory white gloves, and hold pieces within inches of your face. It would be a challenge to explore all of the portfolios in a single sitting and, though fun to try, it is a treat to know you have left some surprises for your next visit.

There is space to lay works out and you can take your time since you do not need gallery staff in attendance. The pieces are marked in clear, uniform price brackets so you face none of the cloak and dagger stuff that often makes buying intimidating. After a couple of purchases you may also avail of significant discounts. So starting a collection of original art is FUN, EASY and AFFORDABLE.

Stephen Brandes Ronnie Hughes
Felicity Clear Eithne Jordan
Maud Cotter Michael Kane
Blaise Drummond Aidan McDermott
Nathalie Du Pasquier Nick Miller
Patrick Michael Fitzgerald Tom Molloy
Anita Groener Abigail O'Brien
Marie Hanlon Amelia Stein
Alexis Harding Donald Teskey
Martin Healy

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