Clark Special Economic Zone, Philippines

Bldg 2092, Parade Grounds

Clark Special Economic Zone, 3004 Philippines
Phone (0917)641-0522
http://hawong.museum.com    joacquin@spreadhead.zzn.com

Hours 9:00 am to 5:pm
Tuesdays to Sunday
[closed on Mondays]
Holder U.P. Pampanga and CDC
Contact Person Jake Anthony Lucas Sampana

News (more)
12.08.2003 HAWONG at GENESIS

HAWONG AYTA MUSEUM was established bye the University of the Philippines in Cooperation of the Clark Development Corporations. HAWONG is a museum which honors one of the country's minority ethnic group, the AYTAS. The museum houses artifacts and photographs depicting the different aspects of the AYTA's living.
The HAWONG:AYTA MUSEUM also serves as a study center. Several studies on the minority group's life are further given attention in orther for the urbanized side of the people be able to establish points on how to sustain the existense of such culturally-rich people.

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