No. 319, Cao Chang Di,
, Cui Ge Zhuang Village, East End Art, Chaoyang District,
CN-Beijing, 100015
Phone +86-10-64 32 50 93, Fax +86-10-64 32 50 73
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Hours Tuesday to Sunday (close on Monday) 10am- 6pm
Holder Lothar Albrecht, Frankfurt/Germany, Mr. Wei Wei, Beijing, and Mr. Pan Xiulong, Beijing
Contact Person Lothar Albrecht, Frankfurt/Germany, Mr. Wei Wei, Beijing, and Mr. Pan Xiulong, Beijing

L.A. Gallery Beijing was founded by gallery owner Lothar Albrecht, Frankfurt/Germany, Mr. Wei Wei, Beijing, and Mr. Pan Xiulong, Beijing, as a cultural joint venture that merges many and varied strands of experience.
Lothar Albrecht founded the L.A. GALERIE in Frankfurt in 1990 as a showcase for international contemporary photography. There he has represented such renowned artists as Tracey Moffatt, Ken Lum, Naoya Hatakeyama, Oliver Boberg and John Hilliard. In twelve years of progressive art mediation, the gallery has built a reputation for "discovering" new talents. L.A. Gallery has been represented for many years at major international fairs such as ART BASEL, ART COLOGNE and the ARMORY SHOW NEW YORK.

Pan Xiulong, beholder of a diploma of art, lerned art in his young age. He founded his first art company in Beijing, when he was 25 year old. His business includes advertising, visual space design, art management, architecture and space planning. The business development of over 10 years in the passed has inspired him in the relation of art and business. 1999 he founded the company F-Space Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. 2001 he build the Hotel Mu Wang Fu Mansion, which becam then a place gathering international artist and art activities.

Wei WEI studied Economics at the University of Hamburg, and has been living and working back in China since 1995. 1999 he founded the company Century Investment Consulting Ltd. In the turn 2001/2002 he founded together with Lothar Albrecht Shanghai Contemporary Gallery in Shanghai. The exhibitions with German artist J?rg Immendorff, Chinese artist Fang Lijun and Australian artist Tracey Moffatt have attracted lots of visitors. In his new role as a gallerist, he draws strength and vision from his own family tradition of art collecting ĘC a heritage interrupted by political and social events and a legacy which he would like to revive.

L.A. Gallery Beijing likes to complement and enrich the active Beijing gallery and art scene, which is currently focused mainly on Chinese artists. In doing so, L.A. Gallery Beijing will introduce new trends in the international art scene to Beijing audience, at the same time put its efforts to form a plateform for Chinese young artists on their way to a broader international art world. The inaugural exhibition features the works of German artists Lukas Einsele, Susa Templin, Johnny Pack and Beijing artists Ren Xiaolin, Lu Hao and Shen Liang. The idea is to create exchange of different art forms and concepts between the two worlds.

Lukas Einsele Susa Templin Johnny Pack Olive Boberg Tracey Moffatt Tang Zhigang Qi Zhilong

Lu Hao Shen Liang Chen Wenbo He Shen Liu Ding Ren Xiaolin Ma Liuming

Zhang Xiaogang Wang Guangyi Ye Yongqing Song Kun Yue Minjun Jiang Congyi Zeng Hao

Qing Qing Huang He Wang Chuan Jiang Jing Yin Guangzhong Pan Dehai Zhao Nengzhi

Luan Xiaojie Li Ji
Zhang Nian
He Yunchang Liu Fei Ren Rong Gao Hao

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