Burg Altena, Germany

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  Automuseum ROSSO BIANCO Germany, Aschaffenburg
  Galerie der Stadt Aschaffenburg in der Jesuitenkirche Germany, Aschaffenburg
T Gentilhaus Aschaffenburg Germany, Aschaffenburg
Villa built by a private art collector in the style of artists houses of the early 20th century
  Graslitzer Gedenk- und Informationsraum Germany, Aschaffenburg
T Jüdisches Dokumentationszentrum Germany, Aschaffenburg
The exhibtion on jewish culture shows information tables on 700 years of documented jewish life in Aschaffenburg as well as the holocaust. In addition it presents liturgic objects and other testimonies of jewish culture
T Naturwissenschaftliches Museum Aschaffenburg Germany, Aschaffenburg
The Museum of Natural Science is situated in the Schönborner Hof, court of a noble family from the 17th century. It includes geology and mineralogy of the region, informations on the local environment and special entomological collections.
T Pompejanum/Pompeiianum Germany, Aschaffenburg
Pompejanum in Aschaffenburg/Pompeiianum at Aschaffenburg
  Rosso Bianco Sports Car Collection Germany, Aschaffenburg
T Schloss Johannisburg/Johannisburg Palace Germany, Aschaffenburg
Schloss Johannisburg mit Schlossgarten in Aschaffenburg/Johannisburg Palace and Gardens at Aschaffenburg
T Schloss Schönbusch/Schoenbusch Palace Germany, Aschaffenburg
Schloss und Park Schönbusch in Aschaffenburg/Schoenbusch Palace and Park at Aschaffenburg
T Schlossmuseum Aschaffenburg Germany, Aschaffenburg
The Castle Johannisburg, built from 1605-1614, today contains 3 Museums in one: the State Gallery, the collections of the state administration of castles and part of the city museums are situated here.
  Stadt- und Stiftsarchiv der Stadt Aschaffenburg Germany, Aschaffenburg
T Stiftsmuseum Aschaffenburg Germany, Aschaffenburg
The medieval convent of Stt. Peter and Alexander today is home of the cities archaeological collections and the collections of medieval and religious art.
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