In the history of paper Fabriano represents a peculiarity of the european civilization. The town is a centre of ancient manufacturing and commercial tradition which wants to recover its true cultural origin strictly connected with the art of making paper. The Town Council and the Miliani paper-mill, sensitive interpreters of the historical reality of Fabriano, helped by a scientific committee, have founded the Museum of Paper and Watermark in the ancient monastery of St. Domenico. The museum was opened after a careful selection of the material and severe research of the historical sources. Il consists of different sections where it's possible to see from life the hand-made production of paper and to admire the watermarked paper. Moreover the visitors can follow the historical journey of paper and the development of this art in Fabriano up to the modern technology, thanks to documents which let him know an art that has been successfully practising since the second half of the XIII century. This living museum can supplay a great quantity of information satisfying the visitor's curiosity, encouraging the discovery of an important art in man evolution process. It's an istitution born to convey the cultural message of paper to facilitate the international research and to develop the touristic activity in the region Marche (Alto Esino area)

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