Burg Altena, Germany

Solothurn, on the River Aare at the south foot of the Jura mountain range, is also known as Switzerland's most beautiful baroque city.
In the Natural History Museum you'll find lots of interesting and easy-to-follow information, models, slide and film shows. And because you can not only look but also touch and take an active part, the museum is a valuable experience, particularly for children. Three storeys of exhibits on indigenous fauna, flora, minerals, fossils and stones.
The fossilised turtles from Solothurn and the starfish from Weissenstein are of international importance.
In nearby Lommiswil you can follow the traces of the gigantic plant-eating brontosauri that walked the sandy shores of the tropical Jura sea 145 million years ago. A secured platform with explanatory panel provides a good viewpoint over the petrified sandy beach with its steep slopes created by the Jura fault. The 1-meter-long footprints are best seen in the morning and towards evening - or as cast in the museum >> events.

European Museum of the Year Awards - special mention 1981

Solothurn ist eine Kleinstadt am Jurasüdfuss und gilt als schönste Barockstadt der Schweiz - und als Stadt der Museen!
Modernes Regionalmuseum mit Tieren, Pflanzen, Steinen, Mineralien und Versteinerungen. Bedeutende Jurafossilien (Solothurner Schildkröten, Seesterne, Dinosaurierfährten). Besonders geeignet für Kinder, Familien und Schulen, rollstuhlgängig. Aussenstation am Weissenstein mit Aussichtsplattform auf grösstes Spurenvorkommen von Dinosauriern im Jura >> siehe Events.

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