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The Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore is one of the biggest and oldest museums in Siberia and Far East. Appeared in 1889 thanks to social initiative it is the real regional center of historical and cultural heritage, informational and educational center and attractive tourist establishment.
The field event happened in 2001 - the museum opened its doors for visitors after 14 years of reconstruction.
Closing the museum, we did not know about coming difficulties for our country and how it would have an effect on us. Museum fund and scientific potential and staff professionalism had been rising during that period. Considerable changes took place in material and technical basis of museum. All its buildings were repaired, reconstructed and restored, many expositions were changed in all branches and the new Literary Museum appeared.
Deep changes of our society during last ten years influenced on the museum work content: research and exhibition subjects and working forms with audience were widened. The new exposition demonstrates this fact ( for the first time there are new subjects, collections and fates).
The best creative power of the city took part in making this exposition. We appreciate deeply our sponsors and partners. Unfortunately the size of this publication does not allow us to name everybody.
The museum opening is the collective museum staff help where everybody contributes his mite. And this long-awaited event was brought about thanks to union of culture, power and business.
So, you are holding a guidebook written by authors of the new exposition. We hope it is useful for everyone interested in history and traditions of the region.
Valentina Yaroshevskaya
The Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore Director
ICOM member

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