Burg Altena, Germany

The Gentil house was built 1922-1923 by Anton Gentil, an industrialist who also was a devoted private collector and patron of arts. The house was built according to his own plans in a very personal style. He and familiar artists heavily decorated the interior. The house was specially built for his vast collections, but he also inhabited the house for a longer period. The house and the collection were inherited by the city of Aschaffenburg in 1951. It has still preserved its very private and personal character. Therefore access is restricted to guided tours in groups up to 10 people. Tours can be arranged by the city museums on request. The collection includes medieval sculpture, paintings of the renaissance as well as paintings by artists patronised by Anton Gentil as well as nativity figurines, applied arts (specially stone ware, faience and glass) and some high quality eastern Asiatic statues. Some highlights of the collection of medieval sculpture and a Cranach painting are exhibited in the Stiftsmuseum Aschaffenburg.

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