Among the seventeen churches and chapels of Korcula, a small town in Croatia, the church Svi Sveti (All Saints) should be singled out. This church was mentioned in the 14th century and is the seat of the oldest brotherhood in the city of Korcula, founded in 1301. Baroque elements were added in its interior, and the tower bell in the form of stone plaque was later erected. The Baroque painter Tripun Kokolja painted the ceiling in the second half of the 17th century. All Saints brotherhood erected the ciborium above the main altar similar to the one by Marko Andrijic in the Korcula's cathedral. A large baroque composition, the work of the Austrian sculptor R. Donner, called Pieta, dominates the main altar under the ciborium. Anther valuable work by Blaz Juraj Trogiranin, a polyptych from the XVth century, is in this church.
The church is connected to the brotherhood by two stone bridges above the street. Here are rooms for the activities of the brotherhood, as well as a COLLECTION OF ICONS. The collection contains nine Cretan icons brought here by Korculan's sailors after the Canadian war (1645-1669) in which they took part in Korculan galleys. The most notable among them are the Madonna Eleusa (14th century), and Christ Pantocrator (15th century). The collection contains two painted, carved Byzantine crucifixes from the 15th century, and a painted one dating from the 17th century a silver processional crucifix by Ivan Progonovic, church furniture, large painted candles dating from 18th century and 19th centuries, documents, church vestments and various objects of All Saints brotherhood.
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