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  AUB Archaeological Museum Lebanon, Beirut
The American University of Beirut Archaeological Museum.
  Beiteddine Museum Lebanon, Shouf
  Daheshite Museum Lebanon, Beirut
  Fossils Museum Lebanon, Byblos
  Gibran Museum Gibran National Committee Lebanon, Bsharri
  Les Merveilles de la Mer Lebanon, Jdeidet El-Metn
  Moussa Palace Museum Lebanon, Moussa
  Musée Al Mathaf El Lubnani Musée du Liban Féodal Lebanon, Beit-ed-Dine
  Musée de Préhistoire Libanaise c/o Université Saint Joseph Lebanon, Beirut
  Musée des Beaux Arts Lebanon, Beirut
  Musée National Lebanon, Beirut
  Musée Nicholas Ibrahim Sursock Lebanon, Beirut
T Qozhaya Museum Lebanon, Qozhayah
Religious and cultural Museum, representing the history of the Maronite Church
  Rachana Open Air Museum and Workshop Lebanon, Rachana
  Saint Sharbel Museum Lebanon, Annaya
  The museum and the library of the Catholicosate of Cilicia Lebanon, Antelias-Lebanon
  Wax Museum Lebanon, Byblos
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