The museum contains a number of interesting displays including:
• A movie as you enter. This movie gives you a perspective of the time by the people who lived there. This is followed by a program about the rich history of the St. Louis County Fair.
• A model of Hibbing as it looked in 1893, when the town was platted out.
• The Topic Islands which use artifacts and pictures to illustrate various themes of life throughout days gone by.
• Revolving displays that will allow the museum to exhibit items from other museums as well as items of local interest.
• Logging and mining tools of the past are also on display.
• The Hibbing Almanac takes one through time decade by decade. This "timeline" shares some of the important events in Hibbing as well as globally.
• Our "Little House", helps one to imagine just how all of these buildings were so carefully moved. It also allows a view into a house of yesteryear.
• The most celebrated display in the museum is the scale model of North Hibbing as it looked in 1913. This 8' by 16' model is accompanied by a ten-minute narration. The narration, with the help of colored lights, tells of the history of this unique town and why it was forced to move.

Come experience the fascinating history of "The Richest Little Village in the World"

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