The museum houses memorabilia of internationally known circus clown Emmett Kelly Sr. who was born in Sedan, Kansas. Emmett Kelly's character "Weary Willy" is recognized as a classic among circus clowns and his character is well represented in the museums collection. Artwork of Emmett Kelly is included in the collection and interesting circus posters and photographs cover the walls of the display rooms. The collection includes costumes, dolls, correspondence and miscellaneous items of interest relating to the life and career of Emmett Kelly Sr.

In addition the museum has a collection of 1500 decanters, a complete print shop of the 1900's, a working collection of radios dating from 1926 to present. The museum has local historical photographs and newsclips from the late 1800's to present and a collection of Native American artifacts which were found locally.

The Emmett Kelly museum also contains a section devoted to American civil war history and a collection of material from World Wars I and II.

The museum is open mid-April through mid-October from Tuesday through Sunday.
Hours are from 10:00AM to 4:30PM. Sunday hours are 1:00PM to 5:00PM. Special appointments can be made by calling the museum or any museum board member.

There is no charge to visit the Emmett Kelly museum. The museum is supported by donations and gifts. Items of interest are on sale in the museum gift shop.

Visit us and enjoy your stay in southeast Kansas.

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