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The Round Corner was the home of the district administration in Leipzig.
From there the GDR Regime could manage the snooping of the Leipzig citizens for almost 40 years.

During the Monday Demonstrations in 1989 one of the dreams of 1000 of demonstrators from Monday to Monday became ever more compelling - the destruction of Erich Mielkes „Ministry of Fear“.
The time had come on the night of December 4 to 5, 1989. After a Monday Demonstration citizens occupied the Stasi`s district headquarters on Dittrichring and the following days many more „objects“ all around Leipzig.
A lose Union of engaged citizens stayed day and night in the Round Corner Building and watched over thousand of files.
From this lose union the Citizens Committee of Leipzig, Inc for the Dissolution of the Former Ministry for State Security (MfS) emerged.

In the Memorial Place and Museum in the "Runde Ecke" ("Round Corner") history is seizablly. In original areas of the former district administration for public security the visitors become acquainted with the function mode and the working method of the notorious secret service. The Citizen Committee Leipzig shows state security service in its constant contmporary exhibition "Stasi - power and banality" original furnishings and medium, supplement from photographies and selected documents.

By the tour through the museum the visitor realises the achievements of the Peaceful Revolution. The exhibition makes seriously the value of liberty and democracy conscious.

The exhibition in the "Runde Ecke" is uniquely in its unanimity. It containes numerous singular objects - from the original-faithful reproduction of a cell from the former Mfs detention centre over equipment for postal surveillance and a masking workshop up to smell canned goods of potential public enemies.

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