Burg Altena, Germany

Todd Augsburger's collection includes nearly 20 individual styles of Roller (Cob) Organs manufactured by The Autophone Company, of Ithaca NY. Roller Organ models include several early pressure-operated models, and continue through the large Grand Roller Organ. The collection also includes over 750 original Rollers (Cobs), and hundreds of original advertisments and references.

In addition, the collection includes as a large representation of organettes and mechanical music by other manufacturers. The instruments incorporate a variety of music media, such as cardboard and metal discs, cardboard book music, paper rolls and sheets, "paper-as-a-valve" mechanisms, barrels, rollers (cobs), etc.

Available reference material for Roller Organs in particular includes patent documents, and a nearly complete list of roller (cob) titles. A compilation of historical and other data is available in book format as "Roller Organs, the Autophone Company's 'Ingenious Mechanism'". New and original rollers, books, and other items are available for purchase.

Open by appointment only.

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