Superior, Arizona, the home of the World's Smallest Museum, is world reknown for Apache Tear gemstones and the Apache Tear Legend. The World's Smallest Museum houses the world's largest Apache Tear gemstone and is located about a mile from the Apache Tear Mine. The legend goes something like this: A band of Apaches and the US Calvary squared off against each other on a mountain near Superior, Arizona in the 1870s. Rather than face defeat, the Apaches rode their horses off the mountain to their deaths. Their families cried when they learned of the tragedy. Their tears turned into stone when they hit the ground. Today these stones are known as Apache Tears. Memory Lane runs alongside the World's Smallest Museum. Five unique fountains and waterfalls on Memory Lane are made from artifacts of ordinary life and honor the working people of the world. A new fountain has just been completed on Memory Lane. Its base is a 12 foot ore truck tire. The tire is one of the largest tires made in the world. The fountain is about 18 feet high. We'll keep you informed on our website about new additions to the museum and Memory Lane(
The World's Smallest Museum contains 10 themed booths showcasing artifacts of ordinary life. The museum has everything from ancient Native American pottery shards to one of the first computers on display. There is a memorial to Mattie Blaylock Earp, Wyatt Earp's second wife, who is buried about two miles from the museum.
For most people, the World's Smallest Museum is "a stroll down Memory Lane!" Take yours today by going to "".

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