Burg Altena, Germany

adress: A. Paul Weber-Museum, Domhof 5, D - 23909 Ratzeburg
telephone: 04541-8607-20, Fax: 04541-8607-10
director: Dr. Klaus J. Dorsch
opening times: every day, exept of mondays, 10-13 and 14-17. Closed on december 24th, 25th, 26th, 31th and january 1st.
Entrance fee: Adults: 3,- DM; reduced fee: 1,- DM.
Guided tours are available on request.


The museum exhibits lithographs, drawings and oil paintings created by Andreas Paul Weber. The collection has been established in 1973 by the Kreis Herzogtum Lauenburg in a 17th century building, and the artist himself took part in the planning of the museum and the organization of the artwork.
Weber was born in the town of Arnstadt in 1893. In his youth he joined the Jung-Wandervogel, a movement interested in cultivating a better lifestyle and appreciation of nature through hiking. Weber's love of his native country and his attachment to nature were awakened by hiking through Germany.

In 1928 Weber became a member of a political circle opposing Hitler and National Socialism, which was centred around Ernst Niekisch. Weber illustrated books and periodicals for the Widerstands-Verlag (Resistance Press). The journals were banned and Weber was imprisoned by the Nazis from July to December 1937.

After the Second World War he continued to be a social commentator, with his criticism covering politics, justice, militarism, enviromental pollution, inhumanity, medicine and fanaticism in sports. In 1980, Weber died at the age of 87 in Schretstaken, a small village not far from Ratzeburg, where he had lived since 1936.

The museum presents a cross-section of Weber's work. On the ground floor are some delightful animal drawings, which Weber made especially to please children. In the adjacent rooms we see the more satirical animal drawings. Here Weber, in the traditions of the Aesop's Fables, used animals to illustrate disturbing human characteristics.
On the upper floor many examples of Weber's book illustrations are on display. He illustrated more than 115 books, including "Muenchhausen" and Goethe's "Reineke Fuchs".

During his 87 years of his lifetime, Weber produced more than 3000 lithographs, hundreds of wood cuts, more than 200 oil paintings and thousands of other drawings.

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