Shortly after Lucas Sithole passed away in 1994, following a long sickness, there were tentative efforts to secure the artist's last abode in Pongola, South Africa, as a permanent museum, but to no avail. Most of the unfinished sculptures that remained at his home were collected and documented by the art historian Elza Miles, Johannesburg, and donated by The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg, in equal parts to the Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria, and the University of Fort Hare, Alice, for their permanent museum collection.

The remaining completed works in wood and stone were disposed of between 1st and 19th May, 1995, by silent bidding to the highest bidder, on an exhibition held in Johannesburg, preference being given first to those museums and university collections in South Africa that had not yet owned a work by LUCAS SITHOLE, and secondly to existing owners. The exhibition which was held on behalf of the artist's Estate was not open to the General Public nor subject to reviews and included some works never exhibited before.

The images shown on the site represent some of the sculptures in wood in public collections in South Africa and abroad, the LUCAS SITHOLE VIRTUAL MUSEUM as it were.

In addition, a more comprehensive website was put up in memoriam at the beginning of 2001, under which is dedicated to LUCAS SITHOLE (1931-1994), one of the great artists to come out of South Africa.

It presents important sculptures from 1966-1991 in various collections around the world, including museum and university collections, as well as 8 sculptures from the PELMAMA PERMANENT ART COLLECTION. In addition, there is a Mini Master Registry of SITHOLE'S sculptures, paintings and panels, showing images of 430 works out of a total of 800 recorded works.

It also includes biographical notes, pictorial references, comments and other stories about the works, as well as a section on links.

Copyright on all works by Lucas Sithole is held by The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Basel, Switzerland.

Should your Institution be interested to borrow works for exhibition purposes, from collections in your country or from elsewhere, please contact us for further details.

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