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  A.C. White Gallery South Africa, Bloemfontein 9301
  Adler Museum of the History of Medicine c/o University of the Witwatersrand South Africa, Johannesburg 2001
  Africana Museum South Africa, Mariannhill 3601
  Africana Museum South Africa, Uitenhage 6230
  Afrikaans Language Museum South Africa, Paarl 7621
  Albany Museum South Africa, Grahamstown 6139
  Albany Museum South Africa, GRAHAMSTOWN
  Aliwal North Museum South Africa, Aliwal North
  Amathole Museum South Africa, King William's Town 5600
  Ann Bryant Art Gallery South Africa, East London 5201
  Anthropology Museum and Resource Centre c/o University of Witwatersrand South Africa, Johannesburg 2050
  Anton Van Wouw House South Africa, Brooklyn 0181
  Arbeidsgenot South Africa, Oudtshoorn 6625
  Arend Dieperink Museum South Africa, Potgietersrus 0600
  Barberton Museum South Africa, Barberton 1300
  Barkley East Museum South Africa, Barkley East 5580
T Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex South Africa, Mossel Bay
BARTOLOLMEU DIAS MUSEUM COMPLEX, (Garden Route) Mossel Bay, South Africa
  Bathurst Agricultural Museum South Africa, Port Alfred
  Beaufort West Museum South Africa, Beaufort West 6970
Beaufort West Museum with the Chris Barnard collection and exhibition
  Bensusan Museum of Photography MuseuMAfrica South Africa, Johannesburg 2001
  Museum 1-20 of 251   [21-40] [41-60] [61-80] [81-100] [101-120] [121-140]

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