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  Adamson-Eric Museum Art Museum of Estonia Estonia, Tallinn
  Art Museum of Tartu University Estonia, Tartu
  Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum Estonia, Tartu
  Eesti Kunstimuuseum Estonia, Tallinn
  Eesti Teatri-ja Muusikamuuseum Estonia, Tallinn
  Estonian History Museum Estonia, Tallinn
T Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design Estonia, Tallinn
  Estonian National Museum Estonia, Tartu
  Estonian Open Air Museum Estonia, Tallinn
  Kristjan Raud Museum Art Museum of Estonia Estonia, Tallinn
  Liivi muuseum Estonia, Tartumaa,
  Literary Museum Estonia, Tartu
T Museum of Estonian Architecture Estonia, Tallinn
The Museum of Estonian Architecture - its exhibition halls and archives - is placed in Rotermann’s Salt Storage, a magnificent industrial building near Tallinn harbour.
  Museum of New Art in Pärnu Estonia, Pärnu
T Museum of Viljandi Estonia, Viljandi
  Niguliste Museum-Concert Hall Art Museum of Estonia Estonia, Tallinn
T Saaremaa Museum Estonia, Kuressaare
  Tallinna Linnamuuseum Estonia, Tallinn
T Tartu Art Museum Estonia, Tartu
Tartu Kunstimuuseum, Tartu Art Museum, Estonian art since 19th C., Baltic-German from 19th and 20th CC., archives, library
  Tartu City Museum Estonia, Tartu
  Museum 1-20 of 21   [21-21]

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