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La Maison -Musee exhibits hundreds of paintings and drawings shown against Trompe-l'Oeil murals. The subjects of the paintings include portraits,nudes, still-life, landscape and imaginary subjects. Ted Seth Jacobs is the creator of 'Restructured Realism,'(RR) which is a new contempoary realist vision evolved from an ancient past tradition. RR is deeply rooted in Nature and avoids both Academism and the use of photography. RR tries to find the nature of our visual perceptions using the fewest possible preconceptions. The main field of study in RR is the structure of forms and how they are perceived through the actions of light. The visual field is conceived as a tapestry of very rapidly flashing colored and interpenetrating lights transmitted through the eyes to the perceptions of the brain. It is an art of discovery. The living process of perception cannot be reproduced in paint, but RR seeks to find the optimal possible suggestion of what the eyes see and the mind registers. RR is characterised by extremely fine discriminations of tone and a profound study of how structures fractally break down from matrix underlying forms to very minute subforms. RR seeks a perfect equilibrium between general principles and their very specific applications in nature. Subjects are portrayed from a specific angle to the eye, in 3 dimensional space, in a specific color, direction and intensity of light and from a specific distance. This specificity presents subjects as seen for the first time in the history of the world. The artist has had over 60 one-man exhibitions in the USA and France, is in worldwide collections, has done hundreds of commissioned portraits and murals,is author of 'Drawing with an Open Mind,' and 'Light for the Artist.' He formerly taught in NYC at the Art Students League and the NY Academy, and now lives permanently in the Loire region, where he teaches RR in his own school.A free color brochure about the school is available on request.
A 10 page CV is also available on request.Visitors to La Maison-Musee are welcome by appointment outside of scheduled visiting days.

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