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(15.05.2001 , United States, PHILADELPHIA )
Storytellers share tales of wartime heroism

PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 11, 2001 -- The National Liberty Museum marks Armed Forces Day at 2 p.m. Saturday, May 19 with a unique storytelling event that honors American veterans, and those they left behind. "A Question of Honor: When Our Loves Ones Go to War," a PECO Program, celebrates the courage of loved ones left on the home front during wartime.

Veteran Robin Moore will recount his almost supernatural -- and life-saving -- connection to his mother as a 19-year-old combat soldier under ambush in Vietnam. Storyteller Debra Pieri will give a wife's perspective on the story of Lt. Dutchy Sauler -- whose B-17 went down over Germany in 1945. Lt. Sauler gave his life to save every member of his "Miss Anthracite" crew, and his family petitions the government for a posthumous Medal of Honor to this day.

"An understanding of heroism eludes today's youth. Their heroes fall short of gallantry, supreme courage, and heroic self-sacrifice," says storyteller and educator Debra Pieri. "Our children need to recognize the hero in ordinary men and women to have a better understanding of the great cost of privilege and freedom they enjoy."

Museum Executive Director Gwen Borowsky adds, "This is a living history that deserves a place in America's home for heroes -- there is nothing more memorable than the young honoring those whose valor paved the way for liberty."

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