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Jersey Heritage Trust

(29.05.2002 , United Kingdom, Jersey JE2 3NF )
Jersey Heritage Trust showcases Portuguese culture

The Jersey Heritage Trust is launching an exciting two year project to celebrate and record Portuguese culture in Jersey and elsewhere. To direct the project, a committee of JHT staff and interested volunteers has been formed and is currently busy planning a challenging and unusual programme of events.

This initiative has grown after the JHT commissioned a report into the views of the Portuguese community about their culture within Jersey last year. Portuguese academic Margarida Gouveia spent some time canvassing opinions in the Island about heritage provision for the Portuguese community, and came to the conclusion that there was a lot of interest but little that was actually relevant. The JHT committee are now publishing the report and attempting to remedy the problems with this new programme.

The events and exhibitions programme will begin at the end of 2002. Following the success of the JHT's Portuguese Présepio or Christmas Crib last year, there will be a grand présepio competition in the Jersey Museum in December, where members of the public will be invited to build a series of the cribs, which will be displayed in the museum. Following on from this there will be an exhibition in the Jersey Museum about the origins of Jersey's Portuguese community. The JHT will also be playing host to an exhibition of Portuguese contemporary crafts and in 2004 is hoping to put on a blockbuster about the Portuguese influence in the world. All of these are expected to lead into permanent changes about the way the Portuguese community of Jersey are represented by the JHT.

The curator of social history at the JHT, Ginny Deller, said, "We are very pleased to be working with members of the local community to develop this project. Our job is to reflect the lives and history of all Islanders and this is enabling us to do this in a very exciting way."

Further information and copies of the report can be had from Ginny Deller at the Jersey Museum

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