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(25.06.2002 , Brazil, Rio de Janeiro 20261-050 )
MuseuNotas v.IX 7/8/9 Mar/Apr/May 2002

Informative Bulletin of Salles Cunha”Museum ABORJ
Vol IX nº7/8/9 ISSN-1413-6494 Mar/Apr/May/2001
Museum`s education as a product: who`s bying this product?
We can classify the products of a museum in two groups: the educative product and the commercial product.
The educative product concernes :1-its collections, whose historical pieces in the exhibits are a efficient way of telling through objects their real history; 2- its supporting library opened to research , and 3-to its communication means to divulge its activities and production.
The commercial product refers to available spaces for marketing and to the sale of objects and reproduction in the stores sale into the museum.
It is necessary to harmonize education and commerce in a unique subject that can bring financial support without harming the main objective of a museum: education through history.
Recently a commercial TV showed a scene where the main actor performed a dental extraction in the year of 1810. The Salles Cunha Museum, in Rio de Janeiro, is a dental museum and could have helped the scene organization. Its documents, instruments, photos, pictures and specialists were the product “to sell”. A research was made by the museum specialists. The scene was organized by the staff of the TV and showed to the public maintaining the traumatic conditions of a dental extraction in 1810.
The Museum offers an ideal space for marketing : text cards, direction signs, information bulletin, entrance tickets, home page on Internet. It is a also possible to exhibit the history of traditional products.
Recently the Salles Cunha Museum took part in an exhibit in a little village in Minas Gerais State. The product “sold” was the loan of objects that existed in the region ( foot drill, wall telephone), explicative texts made in standardized Museum cards and notices to newspaper and Internet. The texts were made in a didactic way. A regional products, elementary school works and craftsmanship and folk-lore works were also presented.
Museum`s libraries are often underutilized because its rare books need a careful handling and they can`t be available to the public.
So the research must be done by the museum specialized personal. Consequently it is a product of a museum.
In Brazil due to the small number of visitors in museums there`s no great interest of a sponsor in buying the product. The feedback is possibly minimum.
As a conclusion we can say that who is buying the museum`s product is a public distinguished by its individual interest in learning or somehow involved with education and the public with financial interest in utilizing the museum as a selling promoter of its products.

Historic document
In 1989 France celebrated the Eiffel Tower Centennial.
The Salles Cunha Museum sent to Paris Mayor, Mr Jacques Chirac, a photo of a 1889 Tower ascent Commemorative Medallion.
In that occasion the physician Dr. Ribeiro da Silva, from Sâo João d`el Rei, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, was an intern in a hospital of Paris. He visited the Tower and won the copper medallion that his family donated to the Salles Cunha Museum .
Jacques Chirac sent a letter thanking for the photo.
Nowadays Chirac was elected France President with 82% of votes

ABORJ publishes a Centennial commemorative paper-book about the poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade
The paper-book was carefully pressed under sponsorship of Salles Cunha Museum and Communication Department of ABORJ. Its author is Maria da Graça Teixeira Fayer, a teacher of Matias Barbosa, little city near Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.
Facts, criticisms, analysis and comments about the poet, born in Itabira, Minas Gerais State, in Oct. 31rst, 1902, are the subjects of the book
They are 40 pages focusing his personality, fair play and modern poetry and chronicles.
Photos show him in the School of Dentistry of Rio de Janeiro, in 1940, with the Education Minister Gustavo Capanema and in a meeting with literates.
With this book ABORJ joins the homage paid to Drummond on his Centennial celebration.
Museum International Day- May 18th
On May, 10th, the Salles Cunha Museum will celebrate the Museum´s International Day paying homage to Claudia Penha, the Mother Museologist of 2002. She is museologist of the Astronomy Museum (Rio de Janeiro).
The event will also celebrate the ABORJ Anniversary and the Brazilian Mother`s Day.
Nivaldo Ornelas, a famous Brazilian musician, will perform a recital in a trio with the ukelele player Mayo Angelo and the keyboard player Alberto Chimelli..
After the end of the recital a cocktail will be offered.
Local- ABORJ Auditorium- Rua Barão de Sertório, 75- Rio Comprido, Rio de Janeiro,
RJ, Brazil, 19 ò clock


Museu Notas
Redação: Thales Ribeiro de Magalhães Fº
Karin de Mello Weig
Luciano Marinho de Magalhães
Colaboração: Depto de Odontotécnica- FOUFF
Museu “Salles Cunha”- ABORJ
Rua Barão de Sertório 75- Rio Comprido
Rio de Janeiro-RJ-Cep:20261-050-Brasil
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