Creston & District Museum & Archives

(13.07.2002 , Canada, CRESTON, British Columbia )
Creston Museum Develops Completely New Exhibits

Have you visited the Creston Museum in the past? Do you think you don’t need to visit again because you’ve seen it already? Think again! This past spring, new exhibits and new artifacts have been incorporated into the Museum, so there’s
always something new to see! Here are a few examples:

The ladies’ parlour upstairs offers a look at some of the fashion trends and tragedies of the 1920s - the armadillo purse, for example.

What used to be the kitchen now contains a wide variety of toiletries for men and women, from the early 1900s.

The entire centre part of the Museum has been opened up and transformed into one large exhibit.

Several pieces of furniture, in storage for many years, have been put on display.

The artifacts in the front lawn display got concrete supports, and new signs are in the works.

We hope you’ll come down and take a look at everything that’s new!

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