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(29.07.2002 , United States, AUBURN )
1925 Dodge Brothers Roadster Donated by Robert Welsh

A 1925 Dodge Brothers Roadster has been donated to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, Auburn, Indiana, announced Laura Brinkman, executive director of the classic car museum. The gift was made by Robert J. Welsh, Merrillville, Indiana. Welsh is the chairman of Aspen, Inc.
The two-door roadster is a bright green two-passenger convertible, with a black leather interior, black canvas top and natural wood steering wheel. A spare tire/wheel rests on the car's sloping rear. A four-cylinder, three-speed engine powers the car, carried on solid disc "artillery" wheels (rather than the more common wood-spoked or wire-spoked wheels). The roadster sold for $855 new, the least expensive Dodge Brothers body style of the line.
The automobile was built by Dodge Brothers, Inc., Detroit, Michigan. The firm was started in 1914 by machine shop auto pioneers John and Horace Dodge, who had grown wealthy as Ford Motor Company vendors and stockholders. The brothers built cars under the trademark Dodge Brothers from 1914 to 1930, and then transitioned to the more familiar Dodge name.

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