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The ABO-RJ Communitarian Activiites Department (DACom.) was honored with the Dentistry Remarkable People Prize, at the social contribution category on last December 11 at ALERJ. There were at least 200 people present at this event, among them class entities and military and public dentistry institutions representatives.
To Dr. Celson Couri, DACom. director, this initiative is a recognition to the role developed by this department for 18 years in favour of the mouth health in unattended communities. “We are happy because this is the valorization of a pioneer work in our State as it has the proposal of convincing people to take care of their mouth health as they do to the general health of someone”, according to Dr. Celson’s thrilled speech at the occasion, who has received the prize for the entity and in the name of the department volunteers. “This prize has given a new impulse to the team”, he said, while mentioning the names of Drs. Santos Lima, David Schubsky and Nádia Moraes, DACom great supporters.
Special contribution : ABO-RJ Newspaper – v. 63, n. 1, Jan. 08, p. 7.


The Brazilian Committee of the International Museum Counsel has celebrated its 60th anniversary of creation with a ceremony at Fine Arts National Museum, in Rio de Janeiro, honoring the pioneers and the former directors of ICOM Brazil.
ICOM is the most important international museum association, gathering these institutions all over the world.
Its headquarters operates linked to UNESCO. Its present president is Mrs. Alessandra Cummins, the Barbados Museum and Historical Society present director.


Dr. Eriberto Abílio de Almeida has been recently visiting the Salles Cunha Museum at ABO-RJ and has donated pictures of himself and Prof. Salles Cunha during a archeological search and social assistance trip to Aparecida (Sapucaia, RJ), Volta do Pião (Teresópolis, RJ), and also during the Dentistry Journey in Rio de Janeiro, at FOUFF, together with Prof. Orlando Chevitarese (1971).


• 12th Rio de Janeiro Dentistry Journey Prof. Coelho e Souza – FOUFF – 2003;
• 15th CIORJ – 2001;
• II Rustic Race at ABO-RJ – s/d;
• 12th CIORJ – 1995;
• I Odontofest – ABO-RJ – s/d;
• 13th CIORJ – 1997;
• 11th CIORJ – 1993;
• Vote for 2 – ABO-RJ – Guitmann – s/d;
• 13th CIORJ – Precaution Pavillion – 1997;
• Think of me...Look at me...Take care of me... – s/d;
• Odontocorja – A Turma n. 1 – s/d;
• Micareta não – Midoidonto – s/d;
• I Doidonto Barbecue – s/d;
• Vote for I – Development and Tradition – Leovirgílio President – s/d;
• 14th CIORJ – 1999;
• ABO – Nova Friburgo – s/d;
• Smiling Kid - ABO-RJ – s/d;
• Odonto FOV-RJ – s/d;
• III Museum Week – 2005;
• ABO-RJ – I Rustic Race at ABO-RJ – 1998;
• Mouth Health Worldwide Day – April 7, 1994;
• 6th CIORJ – Academic Group – s/d;
• Mathias Barbosa Main Church Centennial – 1907/2007;
• Doidonto – FOV – 1998;
• 5th Museum Week– May 14-20, 2007;
• ABO-RJ – Community Activities Department – Mouth Health is Cool – s/d;
• Smiling Kid – 1997;
• Federation Dentaire Internationale – 69th International Worldwide Congress – September 4-10, 1981 – Hotel Nacional – RJ;
• Smiling Kid – 1995;
• 34th Dentistry Journey in Rio de Janeiro – Prof. Coelho e Souza – FOUFF – s/d;
• Doidonto – FOV – 1995/1999 – (c/ nominata).


Geologist, geographer, paleontologist and adventurer, the German Reinhard Maack (1892-1969) is considered the first environmentalist in Brazil. As a witness if the European woods destruction, Maack has anticipated what would happen to the Brazilian forests. Before moving to Brazil, on 1923, Maack was already a worldwide known person. On 1917 he found in Namíbia (a country at the southwestern part of Africa), in the Brandberg mountain, the set of rupestrian pictures known as the White Lady. Among his most famous works, we should mention a study called "The Continental Drift", which proves the Gondwanick theory, according to which the American and African continents were once just one in a very remote era. This work has given a prize to Maack rendered by Unesco. After living for a time in Rio de Janeiro, Maack moved to Curitiba, in order to work as mine engineer for the Mining and Colonization Company in Paraná. From 1926 on, he has leaded expeditions through the Tibagi and the Ivaí wild rivers. He has also produced geological studies of these two rivers, pointing out botanic and fauna aspects of the region bathed by the rivers. On 1949, he predicted the environmental future of Paraná, poiting out the risks of the ground erosion and the climate change caused by the wood devastation. Nowadays there is only 4% of the original forest in the State. On his tours, Maack has achieved on 1941, at the Sea Mountain, the Paraná Peak – the highest point in the South part of Brazil –, to which he himself gave the name. At the Golden Mountain, in the northwestern part of the State, he made on 1961 the very first contacts with the natives called Xetás, which exists no longer nowadays. In this experience he was accompanied by his son-in-law, a specialist in native language and cinematographer. According to Alessandro Casagrande, the Lobo-Guará consultant director, Maack himself has recorded his work in pictures and films and descriptions of the places explored by himself. Maack has also worked as a teacher at the Paraná Federal University (UFPR). He has left several masterpieces for the best knowledge of the State, such as "Geography Physics of the Paraná State" – published on 1968 and until today an environmental site: www.reinhardmaack.org .

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