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Museu Notas Feb 2008


V. XIV N.º 06 ISSN – 1413-6494 FEBRUARY / 2008

Dr. Clemente Galvão Neto – Dentist

It was made by Severino Pinto, also know as Severino Marreteiro, who was a worker at Santa Rita Soap Plant, located in Santa Cruz do Inharé-RN (Rio Grande do Norte), in the fifties.
The plant belonged to João Batista de Medeiros, a.k.a João of GAM, cousin of Mr. Lourival de Medeiros, chief judge.
Severino, who could not afford to pay for a dental treatment and as he was a political enemy to the dentist Jácio Fiúza, decided to “build” himself his own denture.
At first, he prepared a model with the plant soap whre he worked and then detailed the model in black cement (udes for constructions). The he got an ivory ball, not used for billiard any longer and cut it right on the middle.
With one of the halves, he started carving at night carefully using his mother-in-law’s denture as model.
The tools he used were a pocket-knife, a triangle file and an emery-paper.
When the denture was almost ready for use, it cracked and he had to begin all over again, but now using the other half of that old ivory billiard-ball.
At this time, being more careful at the very end, so that it would not crack again, he ended the service. He noticed that he carved 5 (five) incisors, but he left that way.
Severino used this denture for 12 consecutive years and was very glad at it.
When Dr. Clemente Galvão Neto and his brother Dr. Luiz Carlos Abbot Galvão (then Galvão Laboratory prosthodontist and also manager) were passing by Santa Cruz towarding to Caicó, the car where they traveled broke. In order to wait for the car to be fixed, they were sheltered at Aluízio Bezerra federal deputy’s house.
When Jácio visited there this group, he mentioned the story of the ivory denture, which arose great curiosity. So Severino “Marreteiro” was invited to come up for them to verify it.
So, dr. Clemente made him a proposal : Jácio would prepare for Severino a modern double denture with material provided by Galvao Laboratory, exchanging for the one Severino was using. At first he did not agree, but he finally gave up when he received another double denture set.
After several samples, the denture was finally ready; then Severino would receive his new denture by delivering his old one. Severino, a little bit suspicious with the overall situation, has thought about it and then finaly said :
“I am going to deliver it because I have given my word and would not come back, but, to be sincere, mine is better.”
Then he gave the piece which has been all over the world as well as shot in different ways. Years went by without being known where it could be found as Mr. Solon Galvão Filho, Prothesis professor at UFRN, who has kept it under his responsibility thought he might have left it in Sweden.
Clemente has talked about that with Helson José de Paiva, Obstruction professor at UFRN, when this one declared :
“I have it and I am going to deliver this immediately to the Museum Solon de Miranda Galvão.”
So, nowadays, the ivory-billiard-ball-made denture is considered to be rare and quite certainly the only one in the Dentistry history. It belongs to Dentistry Museum Solon de Miranda Galvão, at the Northern Dentistry Academy as its most important piece.


1. Magazine Musas V. 3, N. 3,2007, Rio de Janeiro: IPHAN, DEMU
With the cover dedicated to the Museu da Maré, Rio de Janeiro, the magazine presents 24 pieces of work of several authors, with great distinction to that Museum, which is located at the center of the biggest city slum, with text from Mário Chagas and Regina Abreu.
2. Material of 45ª Dentistry Journey Prof. Coelho e Souza, October 2007.
Folder, badge, certificate and annais. Donated by the academic member FOUFF Karine Lima.
3. Documents, pictures, training models, slides, LID industrial composition models, creation and installation projects, degree and medals are part of the donation made by Eliana Schubsky, daughter of Dr. José David Schubsky. LID is a dental-thread set that helps to clean the spaces between the teeth.


Assistant professor at the Clinical Medical of the Medicine School of UFF, Maria Aparecida has a strong personality as well as an elegant dressing-code. She was a perfeccionist. She has created an informative newsletter at her departmenton 1982. When Prof. Luiz José Martins Romeo has taken over the command of the Medical Science Center at that time, he invited her to be the chief-editor at the newly created magazine called Medical Science Magazine (Revista Ciências Médicas), which was multidisciplinary. She has gathered a highly qualified team with Zilma Campos and, on dentistry, Thales Ribeiro de Magalhães. She set an office at a room downtown where she organized a file, hired a secretary, invited two more colleagues and, demanding as she was, she managed to produce a beautiful magazine with coloured cover and 150 pages in a total of seven volumes, from 1982 a 1988.
She has also organized the I Brazilian University Magazines Workshop, on 1989, at the Rectorship Theater. The philologist Antonio Houaiss has also participated on this event. At that time, the Dentistry School has organized a publication show at the Medical Science Center, dated from 1933.
When she visited Salles Cunha Museum, on 1990, she donated furniture and odontological pieces which has belonged to Dr. Pedro Gonçalves de Oliveira, her father.
After she retired, a stroke has kept Maria Aparecida almost completely immovable at home.
Her death has given during this month of February has given relief to the pain of a corageous, intelligent and brilliant woman.

Editorial : Thales Ribeiro de Magalhães F.º
Karin de Mello Weig
Fernanda Marinho de Magalhães
Luciano Marinho de Magalhães
Christiane Brito da Silva
Contribution : Technical Dentistry Dept. – FOUFF
English version : Dayse Botelho de Deus
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