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The later history of Honeywood
Honeywood in the 1890s

After John Pattinson Kirk acquired the two houses, Wandle Cottage and Honeywood, which stood side by side on the western edge of Carshalton ponds, he demolished Wandle Cottage and added first a new brick north wing in 1896, and then, in 1903,a large wing to the south end which included a Billiards Room and a Drawing Room on the ground floor, and a Nursery and extra bedrooms upstairs. This turned Honeywood into a well-appointed upper middle-class house. John P Kirk died in 1913 and the house was inherited by his adopted daughter, Lily Kirk Edwards, who sold the house to the local Carshalton Urban District Council in 1939. The building was used for various community purposes until its conversion into a Heritage Centre and Museum in 1989-90.

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