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Carshalton Ponds
The 18th century stone 'Leoni' bridge is a feature of the Lower Pond

The ponds in Carshalton are fed by several springs which rise in the area. Originally part of a private estate, they were landscaped in the Victorian era by the owner of The Grove, who changed them into the shape we can see today. The North Street bridge was constructed in the second half of the 19th century. Until then there was no bridge over the ponds, and pedestrians crossed from east to west by using a narrow causeway next to the church. Carts and other vehicles had to use a ford, the line of which still can be seen in the ponds outside Honeywood Heritage Centre. A variety of wildlife can be seen at the ponds, including swans - a symbol of Carshalton, appearing on the local Coat of Arms - and even herons, feeding on the small trout and other fish found at this source of the River Wandle.

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