E X C U R S I O N S   I N   T H E   L O C A L   A R E A     
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Bukovina Society of the Americas

The Bukovina Society of the Americas is located on the upper floor of the former First Congregational Church at Washington and 8th Street in Ellis, Kansas. The church structure an interesting historical site houses artifacts from Bukovina German settlers. Bukovina was a multicultural crown land of the Austrian Empire, beginning in 1886, ethnic Germans were attracted to land and economic opportunities in Canada, United States, and Brazil and approximately 70 families settled in Ellis. To recognize the centennial of the immigration, the Bukovina Society was formed to conduct an annual heritage festival. The facility, free to all visitors, is staffed Tuesday through Saturday afternoon. Visitors are welcome at other times to call one of the volunteers listed at the entrance to the building. In addition to the artifact room, the original Congregational Chapel is open to tour. Books and mementos are sold. The society has a computer available for family searches in their 10,000-name database.

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