Burg Altena, Germany
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Excursions in the local area
Map of the Forster/Pacific Palms/Smiths Lake area

The Great Lakes Historical Museum has a web book "The History of Forster, Tiona, Pacific Palms, Smiths Lake, Coomba and Bungwahl" which was compiled by Mrs June Wright. The book tells the history of these various local areas, as well as tells stories about the pioneer families. To see more information about these local areas, please visit the following web pages: Forster: http://www3.turboweb.net.au/~glmuseum/index.htm Smiths Lake: http://www3.turboweb.net.au/~glmuseum/smiths_lake/index.htm Coomba: http://www3.turboweb.net.au/~glmuseum/coomba_history.htm Seal Rocks: http://www3.turboweb.net.au/~glmuseum/seal_rocks.htm Bungwahl: http://www3.turboweb.net.au/~glmuseum/myall_lakes_bungwahl.htm

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