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Photographers of the Irwin District

The exhibit features three photographers, their equipment and images. William Wilton 1876-1977 William was the son of John Marklove and Sarah Eversden. He worked as a railway ganger for the Midland Railway for twenty-one years, working from the Irwin siding. He owned the Premo No.4 Camera (on display below) and developed and printed his own glass slides and prints There are over 50 glass slides taken by him in the collection, many show the everyday activities of a ganger’s life, pictures of the railway and other events. Photographs in the exhibition show a self portrait of William at the ganger’s camp and the Milo Bridge with the flooded Irwin River flowing over it. Eric P. Lindner Eric was a storekeeper in Mingenew prior to coming to live in Dongara about 1935. He was noted for his market garden in Hepburn Street, which he grew during World War II. He moved to Kalgoorlie in 1948. Few of his photographs remain in Dongara. Exhibited is a photgraph of Robert Russ’s Shop taken about 1900, which shows Robert Russ standing in the doorway. Kathleen May Ellery 1927-1975 Kathleen (Kit) May Ellery nee Batty was born in Dongara and was a founding member of the Irwin District Historical Society. Many of her photographs and documents have been donated to the Society by her husband Charlie who is also a life member of the Society. As well as photographing her family and friends, Kit and Charlie also photographed the events in Dongara for many years. Photographs show wool carting,1950, restoration of Russ Cottage, 1970 and the flooded Irwin River inundating the Dominican Priory in 1971.

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