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South African Jewish Museum
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Jewish consciousness constantly shifts between awareness of a physical space (Reality) space of reference (Memory) and a mythical space (Dreams). The life in South Africa (Reality); roots in Baltic Europe (Memory) and visions of the future (Dreams) reflect the very essence of the Jewish Community in South Africa. These three components are the core of the Museum's exhibits, set against a backdrop of South African history. Together they bring alive the story of South African Jewry. Is reflected in an historical display and in the conceptual exhibit. Both depict the relationship between the Jewish organisations and South Africa, as well as the engagement of individual Jews in South African society. Dreams, so personal and representative of an attitude or outlook, is conveyed in a series of interviews presented in the last section of the Museum. These interviews record an attachment to Zion, the dream of a democratic South Africa and a more universal vision that reaches beyond borders. Memory is represented throughout the Museum. In one instance it is captured in an environmental reconstruction of a typical village in Lithuania, the country of origin of most of the forefathers of contemporary South African Jewry

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