South African Jewish Museum
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"Clad in Jerusalem stone, architect Michael Hackner's building is stark and modernistic yet also carries overtones of biblical ancientness and the honey-coloured warmth of Levantine vistas" - Cape Argus The Museum blends old and new. The old Synagogue has been refurbished and is the entrance to the new museum. The synagogue houses the Judaica exhibition and is an exhibit in it own right, with the ark having been restored with special attention to the papier- mache work. The old synagogue is connected to the new building by way of a courtyard and steel and glass bridge, spanning a reflecting water feature. The new building has two levels, with a lower level and a ground floor, with Table Mountain visible through the glass. The ever present sight of Table Mountain is seen as the connection of the community to their new country. Local architectual firm Dennis Fabian, Berman and Hackner with design architect Paul Brislin, worked closely with museologist, Renee Sivan and museum designer Dorit Harel, both from Israel. These internationally renowned museum consultants and the local team of experts have produced a masterpiece.

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