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Fun AND education all part of Aquarium Kid's Club

When Passages of the Deep was built in Keiko’s former home, the Oregon Coast Aquarium made sure that younger visitors still had a special attachment to the facility. Thus was born the P.D. Shark Kids’ Club (“P.D.” coming from “Passages of the Deep”) and a special membership package for children that encourages their active participation in a host of Aquarium programs and events. The P.D. Shark Kids’ Club is designed for children ages 7–11, costs only $20 (USD)and lasts for one year, with a membership kit that includes: <> Official membership certificate <> Activity card <> Annual contest drawing <> Free admission to the annual “Day of the Shark” <> VIP member card <> Real shark’s tooth necklace <> Milk chocolate shark P.D. Shark Kids’ Club members also receive special discount rates at activities and events especially designed for them when they show their P.D. Shark VIP member card: <> $10 off any P.D. Shark sleepover at the Passages of the Deep exhibit, which includes a scavenger hunt, snack, activity and movie. <> Aquarium-sponsored Yaquina Bay sea life cruises <> 10% off Aquarium birthday parties <> $10 off Kids’ Club camp <> P.D. Shark kids’ meals for only $2.50 at the Aquarium’s Ferry Slip Cafe <> 10% off P.D. Shark shopping spree in the Aquarium gift shop or the Aquarium store in Depoe Bay P.D. Shark Kids’ Club sleepovers let members sleep with the sharks in the Passages of the Deep Event Room after an evening of games, bedtime snacks, a movie and an educational scavenger hunt throughout the Aquarium. It’s an overnight treat for Club members that includes a special behind-the-scenes animal feeing and presentation at the seals, sea otters and sea lions exhibits, plus breakfast in the morning before their parents pick them up. Membership includes free admission—with a P.D. Shark VIP member card—to the Aquarium’s annual “Day of the Shark” event. Kids’ Club members explore stations dedicated to amazing shark adaptations and participate in presentations by one of the Aquarium’s shark enthusiasts, Education Specialist Jim Wharton. The P.D. Shark Kids’ Club is made possible through sponsorship support from Westin Salishan Lodge & Golf Resort, KOIN TV 6/Portland, KPPT The Point and KSHL. Signup for the P.D. Shark Kids’ Club at the Oregon Coast Aquarium member services desk or surf the Web at http://www.aquarium.org/thedeep/kidsclub/. For additional information, call 1-541-867-3474, ext. 5225.

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