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Oregon Coast Aquarium
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Creative event venues available at Aquarium all year round!

From elegant sit-down dinners to casual get-togethers, the Oregon Coast Aquarium offers a unique place to hold an evening meeting, reception or holiday party along with 15,000 sea creatures. The Aquarium can accommodate groups of 30 to 1,00 (or more) and is the perfect place for an intimate visit with some fascinating sea life. Six acres of outdoor exhibits among rocky cliffs, deep pools, caves, tide pools and a nature trail plus 42,000 square feet of indoor state-of-the-art exhibits replicate Oregon's majestic coastal habitats. Over 15,000 marine animals, representing 500 species, live at the Aquarium. Outdoors, evening guests can come nose-to-nose with the Aquarium’s three sea otters, along with some curious and playful seals and sea lions, too. A giant Pacific octopus lurks in an undersea coastal cave, and cartoonlike tufted puffins and other seabirds make their homes in one of the largest walk-through aviaries in North America, where special windows allow guests to watch birds“fly” under water as they dive for fish. Indoors, the Aquarium’s four large exhibit galleries offer a close-up view of the Oregon shoreline and open sea. At "Jellies: Jewels of the Sea", mysterious jellyfish from around the world are showcased in the largest display of jellies in North America. Marvelously adapted to a drifting, predatory life in the ocean, over a dozen species of seldom-seen jellies are on display. Check out the Crab Lab at the Ocean Exploration Station for an up-close view of kelp crabs. The Touch Pool lets guests discover tidepool animals such as sea stars and anemones. And, volunteers are always available to answer questions, offer special demonstrations and impart unusual tidbits of information. Immerse yourself in the Passages of the Deep exhibit and walk beneath the waves through a 200-foot clear, underwater tunnel that snakes through three ocean habitats. Encounter sharks, rays and thousands of other fish swimming around you, while you and your guests solve "The Great White Mystery: What Happened to Surfer Bob?" The Event Room at Passages of the Deep offers an unrestricted view into the Open Seas exhibit through a long, clear acrylic wall, with windows on the opposite walls and an open air patio providing panoramic views out to Yaquina Bay. It provides a perfect year-round room with memorable views for your meeting, conference or special event. The Aquarium is also a unique place to hold a business, social or lunch meeting with delicious food and service provided on site. With seating for 50 people, the Aquarium’s classroom or Passages of the Deep Event Room can be arranged for an informal slide show, luncheon or board retreat. The classroom has a separate entrance and exit to provide guests with privacy during normal operating hours. In addition, the Aquarium’s Qwest Theater provides a perfect after-hours venue for multi-media and slide presentations, lectures or formal meetings. The 90-seat theater is equipped with a projection room and excellent acoustics. The rolling dunes located just outside the Aquarium’s bay windows make a relaxing and beautiful backdrop for a reception or seated dinner. Guests will have a memorable dining experience as they enjoy exquisite cuisine prepared especially for them by the Aquarium’s full-service caterer. They can even sneak a peek at picturesque Yaquina Bay. For guests’ convenience, the Aquarium’s gift shop and bookstore offer a treasure trove of gift items, books and jewelry. For facility rental prices and more details, visit the After Hours Planner located on the Aquarium’s award-winning Web site at or call the event coordinator at 1-541-867-3474, ext. 5225. As a private, nonprofit, educational facility, the Aquarium aims to educate a broad spectrum of the public in an enjoyable way about Oregon's abundant natural resources, so they will treasure and cherish them now and in future generations. Annually, the Aquarium serves nearly 40,000 schoolchildren, opening doors to new interests and introducing marine science in a meaningful way.

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