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Museum of British Road Transport
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The Museum of British Road Transport in Coventry displays the largest collection of British road transport in the world, and is designated as a collection of national importance. With 230 cars and commercial vehicles, 200 cycles and 90 motorcycles there is something for everyone and admission is free. Step back in time to the beginning of British road transport. The story begins with Hobby Horses, boneshakers and early cycles, and unfolds with horseless carriages, the pioneering years of the first motor cars and the legendary names of the British motorcycle industry. See how we came to have the vehicles of today and trace the fascinating story of the unique contribution made to the British transport industry by the city of Coventry. In Boomtown, Boomtime you can find out about the exciting times in Coventry in the 1950s, 60s and 70s and what the transport industry meant to the people who lived and worked in Coventry. Thrill to the story of Thrust 2 and the world land speed record, and share Coventry’s darkest hour and the City’s spirit of reconciliation in the dramatic Coventry Blitz Experience. The Museum is not just about the past. You can see the latest technology alongside design classics in Icons, Cars & Design from the 1930s to the Future. The models are not just full size – you can see a whole town and thousands of toy models in the world famous Tiatsa model collection. The Museum has some of the best technical collections in the world but its not all cogs and oil! There’s something for everyone from people with specialist interests to families looking for a great day out. The Museum is in the City Centre and is easily accessible by car or public transport

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