Museum of British Road Transport
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Step back in time to the beginning of British road transport. The story begins with Hobby Horses, boneshakers and early cycles, and unfolds with horseless carriages, the pioneering years of the first motor cars and the legendary names of the British motorcycle industry. See how we came to have the vehicles of today and trace the fascinating story of the unique contribution made to the British transport industry by the city of Coventry. Landmarques - Discover a City’s history. Find out about the City …  that was known as the cycle capital of the world.  that became the birthplace of the British Motor industry.  for which the term ‘Blitz’ was first coined.  that became a symbol for world peace and reconciliation.  that Princess Elizabeth recognised as a beacon for Britain’s regeneration. Landmarques - Discover a British industrial history. Discover …  how one man’s souvenir from France inspired a new industry.  how sewing machines led to the birth of the motor industry.  how King Edward VII inspired a new craze for motoring  how Coventry helped the Royal family to ‘ride in style’.  how Britain’s first 100 car was made.  why Coventry led the way for Britain’s road transport industries for over 100 years.  over 400 Coventry manufacturers of cycles, motor vehicles and motorcycles that have left a unique British legacy.

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