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Fleischer Museum
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Buffalo Bill's Wild West: Scottsdale Gets Bill's Best
Col. William Cody by Rosa Bonhuer

Scottsdale, Arizona, January 24, 2002... Buffalo Bill's Wild West: Scottsdale Gets Bill's Best opened on January 19 and runs through April 28, 2002. This exhibition features over one hundred items including paintings by: Rosa Bonheur, Charles Russell, Frederic Remington, Albert Bierstadt, George Catlin, William R. Leigh, and Joseph Sharp; sculpture by James Earle Fraser, Paul Manship, Alexander Phimister Proctor, Charles Russell, Frederic Remington, and Indian artifacts such as a Sioux War bonnet and beaded vest, Southern Arapaho Ghost Dance shirt, Northern Plains dance shield and buffalo horn bonnet and Crow and Sioux papoose cradles. Also, on display are a jacket, Winchester rifle and tack used by W.F. Cody. The West is the essence of American soul and has always symbolized the freedom and the spirit of rugged individualism. Buffalo Bill's Wild West: Scottsdale Gets Bill's Best espoused the spirit of the west; its frontiers and challenges, and exemplifies the landscape, the people, the events and the stories that are the West. Fleischer Museum opened in 1990 as the first museum dedicated to American Impressionism California School, 1890-1930s, and now extends its collection to include Russian Impressionism from the Cold War Era, 1960-1980s. The Fleischer, which displays the private collection of Morton and Donna Fleischer, serves as a cultural and educational contribution to the community and is a city-supported facility. Admission is five dollars, free to students under 18. The Museum is open seven days a week, 10 am to 4 pm, excluding holidays, and offers tours to local school classes and to the public by appointment. Fleischer Museum is located near the northwest corner of Pima and East Bell Roads. Please call 480-585-3108 for directions.

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