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The Battle of Boone's Mill
Federal calvary occupying Jackson, the county seat, July 28, 1863

This display depicts in miniature the Battle of Boone's Mill that occurred on July 28, 1863 within three miles of Jackson, the county seat. This small but significant engagement stopped a Federal thrust through northeastern North Carolina to destroy the rail road bridge over the Roanoke River at Weldon, North Carolina. This rail road was considered "the lifeline of the Confederacy" at the time. It connected Richmond/Petersburg Va. with Wilmington, North Carolina, one of the few ports in the south at the time that could receive blockade running ships loaded with supplies. Approximately 250 entrenched Confederates led by Gen. Matt Ransom, a resident of Northampton County, defeated approximately 1,500 Federals at this fight. A recently published booklet, "Had a Little Fight", describing this battle can be purchased at the museum or ordered by calling the museum during operating hours. 252-534-2911.

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