Muzeum Sztuk Uzytkowych Oddzial Muzeum Narodowego w Poznaniu
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Applied Art Collections from Middle Age to Modern Times
View of Silver tankard

Furniture - from 15th to 20th cc: French Gotic Table, Gdansk's furnitures from 17th to 18th century. Silver - from 15th to 20th cc: Polish: Gdansk's, Poznan's; German: Augsburg's, Nuernberg's; French: Paris's (Odiot). Metalwork - from 16th to 19th cc: arms; from 16th to 20th cc: clocks, tinwork. Ceramics - from 13th to 20th cc: Chinese, Japanese, Meissen and Berlin china, faience, majolica, stoneware. Glassware - from 16th to 20th cc: Middle European and Venice. Textiles - tapestry (from 16th to 20th cc), oriental rugs and kelims.

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