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School Group Tours
Children draw pictures illustrating the Museum's lessons

At one time a museum about liberty or freedom would have been considered exclusively for social studies or civics classes. Not today! Our increasingly diverse society has brought the realities of liberty into everyday life, making issues such as tolerance, conflict resolution and violence prevention primary subjects in virtually every classroom and at every grade level.

Teaching these highly-charged, emotional lessons is a very challenging experience. Educators are continually seeking resources outside the classroom to help their students grasp these critical concepts.

The National Liberty Museum is the first museum in the country that specifically addresses this important need. It treats the topic of freedom as an ongoing, real-life concern for every person living in a democratic society.

Your students will find exhibits, interactives and art that make the topic of liberty truly come alive.

* They'll see replicas of Nelson Mandela's jail cell and Anne Frank's secret annex, representing those who have been denied liberty.

* They'll learn about heroes from nations throughout the world to gain pride in their heritage and respect for others.

* They'll also discover the beauty of glass, which serves as a metaphor for the fragility of freedom.

Educators and their students have praised this experience as educational, inspiring and fun. We invite you to bring your classes to the National Liberty Museum, the most relevant museum in America today!

For information on group tours, call 215-925-2800, ext. 112.

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