Burg Altena, Germany
Roemermuseum Augst, Roman Town of Augusta Raurica
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How to find the Roman town of Augusta Raurica

Train: Fast train to Basel, Rheinfelden or Brugg, local train to Kaiseraugst: 10 minutes walk to the Roman Museum and the central points of interest (Also see http://www.sbb.ch Bus: Bus number 70 from Basel-Aeschenvorstadt or from Reigoldswil/Liestal to the Augst stop: 10 minutes walk to the Roman Museum and the central points of interest. Car: Motorway exit "Augst", then follow the brown signs "Augusta Raurica" to the visitors' carpark. Bicycle: You have chosen a delightful way to explore the attractions of Augusta Raurica which are spread over an area of two kilometers! Bicycle hire: At the station in Rheinfelden (reservation at the station essential). Tel. ++41/51/229 34 84 Boat: Basel-Schifflände or Rheinfelden to Augst or Kaiseraugst (summer only, tel. ++41/61/639 95 07). 15 minutes walk to the Roman Museum (journey time from Basel: 1 ½ hours). Also see http://www.bpg.ch Ferry: Herten - Kaiseraugst (tel. ++41/61/816 90 60). On foot: Various pedestrian routes marked in yellow lead from Liestal, Birsfelden and Rheinfelden to Augst and Kaiseraugst.

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