Roemermuseum Augst, Roman Town of Augusta Raurica
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The museums collection of Augusta Raurica

One example of 1'500'000 Roman finds: This magnificent key was found at the foot of the Schoenbuehl Hill. Because of its size and the place where it was found, it is thought that it may have belonged to the richly decorated doors of the temple on Schoenbuehl. It weighs 1.5 kg and is 19.2 cm long! The bit and shaft of the key are forged from iron. The bronze handle was cast over the shaft. It depicts the front quarters of a leaping lion. The head, mane and front legs of the animal have been modelled with extraordinary care and are excellently preserved. The wide open jaws with the lolling tongue and the wavy mane are particularly delightful. Stylistic features suggest that the key was made between 100 and 150 AD.

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