Roemermuseum Augst, Roman Town of Augusta Raurica
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Augusta Raurica - one of the oldest archaeological collections
430 years of archaeological research work

The first historical study and excavations at Augst were undertaken by Andreas Ryff and Basilius Amerbach in 1582, in the theater. Augst is thus the earliest site north of the Alps to have been investigated archaeologically. In 1839 the Historical and Antiquarian Society of Basel (HAGB) took over the task of researching the site. Excavations have taken place here regularly since 1878, and since 1957 there has been a permanent team at work all year round. The HAGB bought the theatre and Schönbühl site in 1884 with the aim of protecting it from further ruination and use as a stone quarry. In 1935 the Pro Augusta Raurica Foundation (PAR) was formally established. In the past few decades the HAGB, the PAR and the Canton of Baselland have made it possible for further large areas of the Roman town to be bought and placed under protection.

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